What's this about?

          What's this about?

"Co-creating Naturally Intelligent Organizations 
who accomplish more with less" 

Are you a start-up group or organization whose vision, mission, purpose, and goals are to improve the world?

Do you want to use all your resources wisely?

Is it important that your group walk its talk (a corporate culture which fully supports and embodies your Vision and values?)

Are you available for more efficient and effective systems on all levels and scopes of your endeavor?

Are you willing to learn how to activate and enhance all the kinds of Intelligence of your endeavor?

If so, then contact us for further information and a no-obligation conversation to see whether you and we feel called to co-create together.

We work in person and in cyberspace.
We operate in a "gift economy."
We work co-creatively and collaboratively with a variety of relevant resources for you and from you.

We are looking for opportunities to be of service to the spiritual upliftment of this planet through your own spiritually-based or spiritually-relevant work.

Rev. Alia Aurami, Ph.D., is Head Minister of “Amplifying Divine Light in All” Church, an independent micro-church in an independent micro-religion, not affiliated with any other church or religion, devoted to manifesting the highest vision of this planet through co-creating the specifics of a more conscious, loving world. (www.divinelightchurch.org which includes blog articles)

Some of her ministries are:

Working face-to-face and in cyberspace to assist start-up groups or organizations whose vision, mission, and purpose are to improve the world while using their resources most wisely, walking their talk, and synergizing with others across the world. 

She helps them co-create more efficient and effective systems on all levels and scopes of their endeavor, from vision-focusing and strategic planning on through marketing, operating systems, down to editing and policy-procedure manual-creating. This can be called helping them learn how to activate and enhance all the kinds of Intelligence of their endeavor, including the spiritual level of “emergent collective intelligence.” http://organizationalintelligences.blogspot.com

Wholistic spiritual healing and counseling (including currently writing a book about sacred sexuality, Sexuality from Beast to Buddha, based on insights from Spiral Dynamics)

As an Elder, mentoring folks who are co-creating new ways of living and relating, partly by leading or facilitating local groups devoted to spiritual study and practice

Co-leading and co-designing for greater self-governance, and designing and implementing the Help function for, as well as co-leading all aspects of, for four years, a global online social networking private community for conscious world-changers http://anewgaia.ning.com 

Designing a worldwide non-profit organization to assist a variety of grassroots organizations in synergizing for greater effectiveness www.aselfvision.org 

Studying leading-edge spiritually-based approaches to organizational structure, group decision-making, governance, and leadership including “emergent collective intelligence”

Blogging about expressions of “higher-consciousness” in individuals, groups, organizations, businesses, and societies (http://exploringsecondandthirdtier.blogspot.com ). A 145-page collection of 25 of these blogpostss on the specific topic of "exploring we-space consciousness/living" is available as a downloadable pdf here.

Co-leading (as part of the Core Team) the worldwide work of Integral City to catalyze improvements in our Planet of Cities
        As part of this, in 2012, I helped design, and I managed the     operation of, the Member Support function and website function of the Integral City Online Conference, as well as actively co-creating the evaluation and refinement function for the Conference, and advising about the marketing function, and giving other spiritual guidance and support

Helping in a variety of ways, including book and online course editing, business systems design, market planning, and strategic planning, and workshop design and delivery, and other spiritual guidance and support, to co-create the worldwide work of Healthy Sense of Self, LLC  www.healthysenseofself.com

Co-developing a startup nonprofit organization devoted to the wellbeing of dolphins; co-designing all systems needed for refining the vision and putting it into full operation, refining the research design; co-writing a book-story about the organization's project, and co-writing its business plan, and other spiritual guidance and support.

Supporting and co-creating (with several others) global synergy among groups and communities of practice who are devoted to cultivation of higher-consciousness shared-awareness fields/collective emergent intelligence.   

Ph.D. and M.S. Early Childhood Education
B.A. and M.A. Clinical Psychology

(Seattle, Washington, USA)

Another way of expressing 
what this is about:

When people begin to live their lives in the more mature stages of consciousness, it is natural for them to function in groups as unique selves of One Awareness, and it is natural for them to express their expanded circle of care by forming organizations to uplift and improve the world in some 

My primary ministry is to strengthen, support and amplify the ability of these people to operate their organizations, in the nitty gritty, as the fullest unique expressions of that One Awareness -- commonly called Higher-Consciousness Collective Intelligence or other buzzwords. 

Not only does operating that way help the world, it also happens to be the most resource-efficient, cost-effective, least-hassle, and fastest way for an organization to achieve its purpose. I choose to help on the largest scale, not only single organlzations, but groups of organizations and on up to networks of networks of them!

This website,it content, and all related activity are an essential and central practice of our religion:
"Amplifying Divine Light in All" Church's
"Amplifying Divine Intelligence of Organizations" ("ADIO") Ministry

Note: We are an independent micro-church in an independent micro-religion, not affiliated with any other church or religion. We do not evangelize or proselytize, nor seek members. We seek to be of service to this planet and all of her life-forms.
You can read more about our beliefs on our website, divinelightchurch.org. We're betting you will feel aligned!

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